Car Window Tinting in London

Window Tinting London  is on standby, Do you dream of tinted windows? With them you can’t go wrong: they bring a personalized touch to your car. In addition, they provide passengers with greater privacy, greatly reduce indoor heat during hot summer days, and provide optimal protection against harmful UV rays for the skin. You are facing a broken glass? The tinted windows break less easily and retain the shards of glass.

Car Window Tinting London advantages:

Thermo polyester application, the recommended technique
The windows darkened, how does it work?

There are two ways to overtake the windows of your car:

Coating: a paint booth treatment requiring the dismantling of all the windows of your car. A specialized and thorough interview is required thereafter; fragile and
Degrades very easily.
Polyester thermo applied: installation directly on the vehicle, very user-friendly and easy to maintain.
For the sake of quality, Carglass® opts logically for thermo-applied polyester when you want to install darkened windows.

Car Window Tinting law sets certain rules:

rear side windows and rear window: the smoke panes can be of any color and any level of transparency, provided you can see outside from the cockpit, that your car is equipped with two side mirrors and the degree of reverberation does not exceed 15%. If your rear skylight is equipped with a third integrated brake light, we advise to leave the part of the glass untinted where the lights are located.
front side windows and windshield: the tinted treatment (even clear) is totally forbidden on its windows !. The only thing allowed is a solar strip, with or without lettering, on the windshield (not on the front side windows). This solar strip can not be reflective and its lower horizontal limit can not be lower than the lower edge of your unfolded interior sun visors.

Car Window Tinting London Fifty shades darker?
Carglass® tints the windows of your car with a professional LLumar® treatment. We thermoform a high-quality polyester sheet to be able to
to give the desired shape, after which we affix it thanks to the technique of thermo application on the glass of your car. The result is perfect!

The treatment retains its color, does not peel and provides 99% UV protection, whether you choose a light or dark product. The degree of protection against heat depends
however the hue you choose:

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